April 18, 2024
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Tips To Ensure a Quick and Successful Property Sale

Selling a property might sound simple, but selling it fast and at a reasonable price is the challenging part. Sometimes, you must choose between selling it quicker or selling it at a lucrative profit. Either way, it would help to understand the market well before placing your property for sale. In addition, you need to understand the bargaining language to win the trust of potential buyers.

However, do not panic; here are tips for a successful and quick property sale.

1. Work with the Right Real Estate Agent

Finding a reputable realtor agent is the first step to a successful property sale. It would be best to find an agent with a proof of sales record who understands the local area well. Remember, as the seller, you have to pay your agent and that of the buyer. So, you will likely part with 2 to 3% of the selling price once you close the deal.

The best thing is that the agent will run the entire process, from overseeing the photographer taking the most-selling pictures of your house to negotiating the best prices. They will also craft a selling real estate listing and place your property so that every person looking for a home to buy will want to view it.

2. Price to Sell

Selling your home faster and satisfyingly requires you to set a competitive price. If you set an abnormally high price, you will likely price out bidders and discourage prospective buyers. In addition, it may take a long time to negotiate with potential buyers who want you to lower the price.

So, it is advisable to know the price range most home buyers in your area search for; if over 50% search for property under 10 million, setting yours at 20 million might stick it longer in the market. Agents can judge price ranges based on other agents listings, which can help you decide on the price to set.

Therefore, allowing your realtor to check other listed properties in your area and set a reasonable price to outdo your competitors would be best. Suppose you want to sell your property quickly; you may consider setting slightly lower prices than your competitors. It will surprise you how many bidders you gather within a short time.

3. Declutter, Clean, and Depersonalize

A messy home will turn away every potential visitor for a tour. Clean your home thoroughly, including the rarely used rooms like the store and the basements. In addition, collect all the clutter and decide where to put it away; you may sell what you do not need. Depersonalize the property by removing anything personal, like family photos, from the walls. It would help to hire professional cleaners, especially immediately before a major showing.

Rearrange your furniture to make your interior more appealing and easier for someone to move around. Store large stuff away to create room; a congested house appears small. Impressing a potential buyer can help you sell your property quickly and reasonably, so you may hire a stager to help you floss your best assets to the interested viewer.

4. Use Your Curb Appeal

The first impression a potential buyer creates about your house goes a long way to determining whether they want to proceed. There is no better way to create an inviting impression than an upgraded curb appeal. Boost your curb appeal, considering the house and its surroundings, and see how it fits into the neighborhood.

You may lack sufficient time for major renovations, especially if it is an emergency sale, but you can fix minor repairs and upgrades. A new coat of paint will make your property brighter. Consider trimming overgrown bushes, mowing the lawn, and fixing the flowers, if any. Furthermore, ensure the garage and driveway are in perfect condition.

5. Quick Repairs and Maintenance

Check around and make quick repairs that could turn a potential buyer away. Many homeowners overlook the following areas, so you might need to check them out.

  • Check for broken or missing tiles in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Fix door and cabinet hinges
  • Unclog stuck drawer tracks or replace them if necessary
  • Ensure every plumbing system is functional and replace any faulty faucets
  • Refinish hardwood floors and remove stained carpets

You may want to give your home a completely new look with new appliances, cabinets, and updated fixtures, but it depends on how much money and time you have.

6. Spice up the Deal

You can sweeten the deal if you want to sell your property faster. People love financial incentives. You can spice the deal in the following ways:

  • Offer to cover all the closing costs
  • Comply with all inspections
  • Accommodate move-in and move-out schedules

Selling a property can be overwhelming, especially if you are short of time. It requires patience and an understanding of the market. Sometimes, your potential buyer is next door, but you will not know unless you market your home well enough to reach them. Therefore, a realtor agent may be your first solution.

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