May 18, 2024

Bank of America sees South Africa equity, bond gains

On Tuesday, Bank of America disclosed findings from its latest South Africa Fund Manager Survey. The survey indicates a shift in sentiment among fund managers, with a growing preference for bonds over equities.

A higher net 35% of managers now identify as bond bulls, up from 13%, while there is a decrease in the number of equity bulls to a net 29%, down from 60%. In contrast, cash sentiment has become more bearish, with a net 53% of managers viewing cash negatively, up from 47%.

The survey forecasts a 12-month target for the All-Share index at 84,000, up from the March estimate of 81,000. Total return expectations for different asset classes have also been outlined, with equities anticipated to return 15%, R2035 government bonds 20%, and cash 9%. The results suggest fund managers are supporting the likelihood of higher average equity and bond returns.

According to the survey responses, a significant majority of fund managers consider equities and bonds to be undervalued, with 71% for equities and 59% for bonds. Furthermore, an overwhelming 82% of participants are in favor of stock purchases.

The current asset allocation trend appears to be more defensive, with resources gaining preference over consumer sectors, attributed to expectations of no immediate economic downturn and delayed interest rate cuts.

The survey also sheds light on the political climate’s influence on market sentiment. Political risks are noted to be on the rise; however, they are not perceived as extreme.

Seventy percent of the fund managers surveyed anticipate that domestic stocks will rally following the upcoming elections on May 29th, suggesting a positive outlook for the South African stock market post-election.

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